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Analysis of related characteristics of double cone rotary vacuum dryer

Issuing time:2016-06-16 11:39

Double cone rotary vacuum dryer has so many excellent characteristics, so that double cone rotary vacuum dryer market development prospects continue to expand, constantly used in medicine, food, chemical industry and other industries of powder, granular material vacuum drying and mixed processing industry, won strong praise and reputation. Double cone rotary vacuum dryer supply standard: 50L - 5000L inner material: glass lining. Heating medium: hot water, steam, heat transfer oil. Operation type: roller scraper. Applicable materials: pharmaceutical raw materials, chemical products, oxygenated, heat-sensitive materials. Application: medicine, food, chemical industry, metallurgy, etc. Vacuum condition, within the jacketed by steam or hot water heating, directly through touch of heat and wet material for the inner surface of cone, cone body constantly work to make the material into a "diamond" run, after heat transpiration material after vacuum pump have pulled out of the steam cylinder, thus accelerate the drying speed of material, to reach the intention of the high efficiency, energy saving, uniform drying.

Know double cone rotary vacuum drying machine can be very good to use and master, the use of the commodity expansion. Make double cone rotary vacuum dryer market development prospects better. Double cone rotary vacuum dryer leading planning, internal structure is simple, easy to clean, all materials can be discharged, simple operation. Can reduce labor intensity and improve working environment. Because the container itself rotates the material, the material also rotates, but there is no accumulation on the container, so the heat transfer coefficient is high and the drying rate is high, which not only saves energy, but also the material is dry evenly and abundant with good quality. Applicable materials: heat-sensitive materials that cannot withstand high temperature; Easily oxidized, hazardous materials; Materials requiring recovery of solvents and toxic gases; Materials requiring very low residual evaporation content; Need to mix abundant, even material. Double cone rotary vacuum drying mechanism is compact, stable, simple operation, energy saving and high efficiency. Can complete the aseptic operation, the process is convenient, agile and reliable, suitable for the drying of hydrophobic and risky materials. Can satisfy GMP requirement, the material is dry even, easy to recover the organic solvent which evaporates when drying. Widely used in medicine, food, feed, chemical, plastic, precision ceramics, metallurgy and other industries.

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