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Double cone vacuum dryer is easy to cause failure

Issuing time:2016-06-23 11:36

1. Double-cone rotary vacuum dryer, which generates heat energy in a closed interlayer, and heat is transferred to the dried material through the inner casing. The material is in a vacuum state, the vapor pressure drops to make the water on the surface of the material reach a saturated state and evaporate, and is discharged and recovered by the vacuum pump in time. Under the power drive, the tank rotates slowly to achieve the purpose of strengthening the drying.

2. When the vacuum reaches the requirements of the double cone rotary vacuum dryer,the vacuum valve should be closed first, then the vacuum pump power should be turned off. When the vacuum is less than the requirements of the double cone rotary vacuum dryer, then the vacuum valve and vacuum pump power supply should be turned on. Vacuuming, this will extend the life of the vacuum pump.

3. If the rubber plug of the bleed valve is difficult to rotate, apply a proper amount of grease to the inside.

4. In addition to maintenance, the left side cover cannot be removed to avoid damage to the electrical control system.

5. Double-cone rotary vacuum dryer should not dry and put materials that are easy, explosive and prone to corrosive.

6. After repeated use, the double-cone rotary vacuum dryer will not be able to vacuum. In this case, the door seal should be replaced or the door buckle on the box should be adjusted to extend the distance.

7. Keep the clean double cone rotary vacuum dryer clean and tidy. If it is not used for a long time, place the exposed parts on the outside in the chamber of the double-cone rotary vacuum dryer to prevent the electrical components from being damaged by moisture.

The above points are an overview of the causes and solutions for the troubles that are easily caused by some double-cone vacuum dryers.

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