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Application and characteristics of high efficiency wet granulator

Issuing time:2017-12-01 11:43

High-efficiency wet granulators are often used in solid preparations for drugs that require the addition of binders (such as alcohol, dextrin, etc.) for granulation. Wet granulators are used to develop wet powders into desired granules, as well as to break up the bulk dry material to the desired granules. In the wet granulation equipment, the horizontal high-speed mixing granulator is mainly used. The principle of granulation of horizontal high-speed mixing granulator is that the two processes of mixing and granulation are completed in the same container, and the bottom-rotation mixing is adopted, and the mixing slurry device is arranged at the bottom of the pot, and forms a gap with the bottom of the pot. Mixing the leaf surface ensures that the material bumps into a semi-active tumbling condition and reaches ample mixing. Following the injection of the binder, the powder is gradually wetted and the shape of the material changes. The rotating motion of the chopping knife and the mixing slurry of the horizontal axis of the pot wall causes eddy currents, so that the material is mixed, flipped and bumped. At this moment, the chopping knife in the area where the material is turned over can be broken into particles. . At the same time, the material is squeezed, bumped, rubbed, sheared and kneaded between the particles in three-dimensional motion, so that the friction of the particles is more uniform and detailed, and finally, the stable spherical particles are formed and then the wet material is uniformly formed. In the meantime, the size of the granules is limited by the characteristics of the material, the rotation speed of the knives, and the granulation time.
  The first characteristic of the high efficiency wet granulator is that it is easy to assemble and disassemble the screen, and can also adjust the tightness properly. Each batch of the horizontal high-efficiency wet granulator can operate for less than 10min, produce 80~200kg, and the working efficiency is 4-5 times better than the traditional process. Seven Angle drum disassembly convenience, simple cleaning. Mechanical transmission system all closed in the body, and with a smooth system, smooth operation of the whole machine. The fuselage is an independent cuboid, which is composed of three parts: bearing frame, reduction box and frame. The feeding powder hopper is connected with the bearing frame and extends to the outside of the machine. The front end of the frame is planned to extend and land on the ground widely and smoothly, so it does not need to be installed and can be placed indoors at will for use. Granule making device: the rotating roller is installed under the hopper, and there are bearing bearings in front and back. The front bearing block on the end face is movable. Only three screws need to be unscrewed during assembly and disassembly. The front bearing block and rotating drum can be pulled out successively. The two ends of the rotating drum are symmetrically convex connecting shaft joints, which are not subject to the backward constraint and are convenient for assembly and disassembly.

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