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Ceramic roller machine





Our company undertakes the maintenance business of the roller mill, and can provide the corresponding original accessories of alumina ceramic rollers made in Japan, Korea and China.

Technical characteristics

The ceramic roller is constructed in a grooved or convex-toothed configuration to comminute a larger particle size material.

The ceramic roller and the material contact are all made of resin lining to suppress the generation of metal foreign matter.

The drive shaft adopts a fascinating sealing method, and the abrasion powder between the sleeve and the shaft does not enter the inside of the pulverizing chamber.

The use of tensioning device and suitable transmission belt eliminates the phenomenon of roller idling and achieves better transmission force.

The overall design is exquisite, the structure is simple, and the maintenance and cleaning are extremely convenient.

As long as the spring on one side is adjusted, the change in the pulverization gap can be achieved; it is easy to adjust.

A lot of products can be processed with a small amount of electricity.


Widely used in battery materials, magnetic materials, abrasives, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, LED, semiconductor, glass for LCD screens, food and other related industries.

TypeXRCA- 150XRCA-235XRCA-350
Roll sizeφ 150x 150 mmφ235x300mmφ350x300mm
Roll material、shape可制作凹槽状或凸齿状的辊子 Alumina(with grooves/bars)可制作凹槽状或凸齿状的辊子 Alumina(with grooves/bars)可制作凹槽状或凸齿状的辊子 Alumina(with grooves/bars)
Roll rotation217 r/ min180r /min180r /min
Power4P-0.75 kwx2台4P- 3kwx2台4P- 4kwx2台
Throughput in case of talc100kg/hr200 kg/hr350 kg/ hr
(A宽x B长x C高)/Overall dimensions790 x 710x 1130 mm1100 x 960 x 1400mm1250 x 2000 x 3574mm
Machine weight400kg900 kg1800 kg

New improvement details

1. The inlet and outlet of the roller can be made into a quick connection method, which is convenient for matching with the circulation and the downstream silo.=

2. Install a slow-flow plate (using a high-temperature resistant PC board) between the feed port and the first and second floors for easy replacement.

3, belt break or slip detection sensor

4. Set the blocking sensor (physical detection) between the feeding port and the second floor, and alarm when the material is blocked.

5. Install a dew point detector between the first and second floors to detect the ambient moisture; when the dew point is below, it can automatically pulse the air (nitrogen or compressed air) and set the spare suction port.

6. Set a mini bag to vacuum the spare dust suction port to prevent material waste.

Other highlights

1. Check the window and turn on the 4 drive motors of the machine to stop working.

2. After the belt is broken, it can be handled by alarm.

3. The inside can be made into a micro positive pressure, and the moisture of the high nickel material can be better controlled by adding a dry gas or the like.

Equipment expertise

This is a specially designed roll crusher applicable to the use for less metal contaminant requirement.For avoiding feed jams at roller gap, alumina- ·made roller surface has grooves ,assisting the fedmaterial press into the roller gap.


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