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Dry pulverizer

Introduction The equipment uses the hot air flow generated by the hot air furnace to make the material dry quickly in a short time. Due to the high speed operation of the dispersion wheel
Application Chemicals, food, medicine
Material Powder material, granular material

Introduction of drying and crushing machine

The equipment uses the hot air flow generated by the hot air furnace to make the material dry quickly in a short time. Due to the high speed operation of the dispersion wheel, the strong impact air flow and the rotary pressure in the machine are generated, so that the material has good dispersion and high drying efficiency.

The crushing and classification function attached to the equipment, while crushing the material, the advanced classification technology is used to make the size of the dried material in the chamber of the equipment uniform; When adjusting the particle size of the drier, only the rotation speed of the classifier can be adjusted. Easy to operate. The equipment can be applied to different materials in different industries; For high viscosity material, especially suitable for lithium electric material precursor drying project.

Anode material precursor drying cutting-edge equipment!

Instant drying

The temperature at the entrance will be 600℃ maximum

Two powerful knives that rotate at high speed are assembled

Heat efficiency increases and drying capacity increases by 40%

You can use in differential drying

Wet condition

❖Can be used for paste - like water solvent drying

❖Wet powder and clay-like materials can also prevent uneven drying

❖The blade hovers instead to generate turbine airflow, which can prevent attachment

Particle size and water content control

❖Built-in high performance grading wheel 

❖Adjust the speed of the classification wheel and the particle size of the material

❖General air drying can not adjust the size of the material

❖The large particle material is crushed twice after entering the crushing and drying chamber

❖Control the outlet temperature of dryer to slightly adjust the water content of materials

Advantages with general spray drying

❖The spray drying system covers about 50% of the footprint

❖The whole system is simple and easy to maintain 

❖Compared with spray dryer, drum dryer can save 50~70% energy 




Positive precursor, negative petroleum graphite, positive additive tungsten oxide, magnesium hydroxide, calcium carbonate, cellulose, metal oxide, synthetic detergent, pesticides, pigments, pigments, dyes, food additives, etc.

Dimensions   H(mm)1, 7502, 5393,0743,7724 4885,096
W(mm)1, 4001,7622,2192,7053,21 93, 848
D(mm)8301,2341, 4581,8962,5352,793
Crusher power(kw)11~ 2222~4545~9090~ 200123 ~ 280160~355
Grader power(kw)1.5~3.73.7~ 7.575~1515~ 30185~3722~ 55
Maximum inlet temperature600600600600600600
Rough weight(kg)1,0002,0003,3008,00014, 50025 , 000



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