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Hammer mill

Introduction The machine adopts the impact crushing method, using the internal six movable hammer body running at high speed and the relative movement of the fixed ring of teeth around
Application Pharmaceutical, food, chemical, scientific research, metallurgy, etc
Material Powder material, granular material

working principle

This machine adopts the impact pulverization method, which uses the relative movement of the internal six high-speed movable hammers and the surrounding fixed ring gears to make the materials collide and rub against the hammer teeth and get crushed by impact with each other. The pulverized material is subjected to the centrifugal force of rotation, and is filtered through the sieve hole and then enters the collecting bag.


The hard, crystalline, fibrous material can be comminuted to 30 μm.

The high-speed grinding knife sifts the material quickly and ensures high output.

The compact and modular design allows it to be integrated into any process.

It is GMP compliant and can be used for aseptic production.


Hammer mill is a material, ore, containing starch in the pharmaceutical, food, chemical, scientific research, metallurgical and other industrial sectors. It is driven by high-speed shearing and hammering under the strong airflow and filtered by stainless steel screen. Powder, the equipment is equipped with a dust suction device, no powder pollution, low temperature, low noise, high efficiency, etc. It is suitable for crushing dry brittle materials such as chemical materials and Chinese herbal medicines.

Widely used in the crushing of pharmaceutical, chemical, food, dye and other industries.

Process data:

Crushing particle size: 2 cm - 30 μm

Crushing capacity: 100~5000kg/hr

Product density: up to 2kg/dm3

Product temperature: -20 ° C to ~ 60 ° C

The main advantage:

●Uniform feeding device and hammer crushing equipment are dust-free and sealed, independent electrical control

● Quick and easy to disassemble the rotor and screen through the front cover

●The advantage of the design is that only a few welded parts in contact with the material need to be polished

●Easy to operate console for controlling rotor speed and dosing device

●The crushing part can be freely changed between the knife and the hammer type as needed.

●Quick card connection, easy to disassemble and clean

● Waterproof, dustproof and explosion-proof options are available upon request.


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