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Grading principle

Introduction A classifier that continuously sieves the powder material supplied by one end of the screen by making the blade mounted on the rotating bearing rotate at a high speed.
Application Pharmaceutical, food, chemical, battery materials, resins
Material Powder material, granular material

Equipment introduction:

Cyclone classifier is a classifier that continuously screens the powder raw materials supplied by one end of the screen through the high-speed rotation of the pulp blade installed on the rotating bearing in the inner of the synthetic fiber horizontal cylinder screen with a small hole of 10~1000 microns.

Principle of classification

The raw material supplied from the feed port to the machine is conveyed to the end of the cylinder screen through the cylinder screw feeder, which is dispersed in the inner surface of the cylinder screen by the high-speed rotating blade. The blade has a certain torsion Angle, and the raw material moves towards the exit side while rotating in the cylindrical screen. At this point, material accelerated by the rapidly rotating blades is pushed to the inside of the screen, causing the screen around the blades to produce very small vibrations. This vibration has a high frequency wave number and a great acceleration, in can prevent the screen mesh plugging at the same time, let than the screen mesh tiny particles through the cylindrical screen from the micro powder outlet discharge, coarse particles can not pass through the small screen: hole, and from the outlet end of the cylindrical screen to the coarse powder outlet.


Applicable case

Tungsten ferrite powder iron oxide titanium powder silver powder sulfur powder aluminum powder aluminum hydroxide silicon silicone calcium carbonate

Synthesis zeolite antimony trioxide bleach powder plastic additive magnesium stearate

Powder coating synthetic resin powder rubber medicine synthetic rubber powder phenolic resin toner pharmaceutical granulation spice pharmaceutical raw material CMC lactose

Wheat flour Sweet Flavoring bran starch polymerization toner

Special industry use cases

●Depowder of pelleting products - The smallest TS100X 125 model is assembled into our dry Roller Compactor, which is well received in the depowder of pelleting products.

●A machine three-stage screening - the company has a machine to achieve coarse powder, fine powder, micro powder three-stage screening TS250X 400-II BS machine.

一一Can effectively save the double screen space of 2 machines




■ A input of raw material high-speed rotating blade will drive the screen to produce high frequency vibration, the vibration can prevent the screen mesh plugging.

■ Even if the raw materials are agglutinated with each other, the blades of the transverse vibration will be broken down into particles one by one and dispersed in the inner side of the screen, so high separation accuracy can be obtained.

■ Because of the number of blades, torsion Angle, rotation speed - start with the purpose of screening, because of the short retention time in the machine and gentle mixing, even fragile granulation products will not be damaged and screened.

■ The machine is equipped with spare screening unit, the screen can be replaced in 1~2 minutes (photol).

■ Cylinder screen adopts wear resistance material and special protection structure, even screening metal powder or corrosive powder can be used for a long time. Because the machine adopts special shape blade and polyurethane ball, even the powder coating or toner with electric easy adhesion can also be screened. In addition, in order to make the internal polyurethane ball does not mix with the product, the machine has a device to prevent the polyurethane ball from falling (patent).


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