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Grading principle


Grading principle

The raw material supplied from the raw material supply port to the inside of the machine is conveyed to the one end of the cylindrical screen through a cylindrical screw feeder, and is dispersed by the high-speed rotating blade on the inner surface of the cylindrical screen. The blade has a certain twist angle, and the material moves toward the outlet side while rotating inside the cylindrical screen. At this time, the material accelerated by the blade rotating at a high speed is pushed to the inner surface of the screen, causing the screen around the blade to generate a very small vibration. The vibration has a high number of cycles and a large acceleration. When the mesh of the screen is blocked, the tiny particles of the mesh are discharged from the outlet of the fine powder through the cylindrical screen, and the coarse particles cannot pass through the sieve. The mesh is small: the hole, and from the outlet end of the cylindrical screen to the coarse powder outlet.



Application example

Ferrite tungsten powder iron oxide titanium powder silver powder sulfur powder aluminum powder aluminum hydroxide silicon silica gel calcium carbonate

Synthetic zeolite antimony trioxide bleaching powder plastic additive magnesium stearate

Powder coating synthetic resin powder rubber drug synthetic rubber powder phenolic resin toner pharmaceutical granules spices pharmaceutical raw materials CMC lactose

Wheat flour food additive sweet seasoning bran starch polymerized toner

Special industry use cases

●Pulverizing the granulated product - assembling the smallest TS100X 125 into the company

The dry granulator (Roller Compactor) is widely praised for its granulated product.

● One machine three-stage screening one - The company uses one-machine to realize the TS250X 400- II BS type machine with coarse powder, fine powder and micro-powder.

One can effectively save double screen space of 2 machines





■A blade that is rotated at a high speed by the input material will drive the screen to generate high-frequency vibration, which can prevent the mesh of the screen from being blocked.

■Even if the raw materials are agglomerated with each other, the blades that are vibrated in the lateral direction are decomposed into particles one by one and dispersed on the inner surface of the screen, so that high separation precision can be obtained.

■Because the number of blades, the twist angle, and the rotational speed - start with the purpose of screening, because the residence time in the machine is short and the mixing is mild, even the easily granulated granules will not be broken and sieved.

■The machine is equipped with a spare screening unit, which can complete the screen replacement (photol) within 1~2 minutes.

■The cylindrical screen is made of wear-resistant material and special protective structure. It can be used for a long time even if it is sifted metal powder or corrosive powder. Because the machine uses specially shaped paddles and polyurethane balls, even powdered or easily adhered powder coatings or toners can be screened. In addition, in order to prevent the inner polyurethane ball from being mixed into the product, the machine is provided with a device (patent) that prevents the polyurethane ball from falling.

■For powder materials that are difficult to be sieved, a high degree of qualitative recovery can be obtained by controlling the flow of air.

■There is no vibration noise during operation.

■Open the door in front of the machine and remove only the cylindrical screen. In addition, it is also possible to take out the respective parts such as the blade and the screw feeder without using a tool, so that cleaning of each part is very easy. Minicomputers

Medium-sized machines meet GMP (safety standards) and are ideal for pharmaceutical, food and fine chemical applications.


1: Best for removing foreign matter and coarse powder

2: Disassembly and cleaning and screen replacement are easy and simple

3: Compared with the vibrating screen, it has good quiet performance.


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