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Super Grindstones


Equipment introduction

As the culmination , Shipanmo which was for the first time intheword to install non porous grinder .This machine correspondsto the world safety standard such as CE marking ,KCS mark ,andUL.Moreover ,as a result of reviewing the ease of use andfunctionality thoroughly ,it isreputed as "completedform offriction grinding machine". There are3types of bearing of mechanisms ,and maintenance free usage forlong period oftime under hard environment becomes possible .ltcorrespondsto multi functional mill "a series", and 13kinds all alphapartscan be installed.Xiran's Shipanmo,which is even called "Dissolving machine" ,can make ultra fine particle products which looks as if dissolving .It cntinues to evolve far beyond therealm of mere grinding.

Choice of bearing mechanisms

From general working environment to hard working environment such as high temperature/highpressure/24 hours operation.

Grease inclusion type.oil circulation type .oil mist type are lineup.

Choose type of bearing mechanism according to the working environment.

World standard of safety specification

* Easy to open and close the heavy lid by the spring balance.

* It cannot be operated unless assembling all of the parts.Sensors are provided to various place.

* Ensure a double safety by cam-operated switch (breaker).

* Setting a jacket in the surrounding crushing chamber and the upper cover, through the coldcycle to reduce the crushing temerature.



Because it can be processed continuously, it can be mass produced.

Simple structure, operation, cleaning is very simple.

Custard can be made in a short time.

Best for salad dressing blend.

Can be used for film (polyimide) crushing.

The disc expands when heated and the spacing is adjustable.

Corn soup, etc. You don't have to filter it to be 100% efficient.

For example, when making 3L corn soup, 60 minutes of manual filtration is completely unnecessary.

It only takes 3 minutes to crush it all, no residual residue, and can use the material 100% effectively.

Stable micronization achieves high yieldBecause it is a stone mortar, so the distribution of particle size is very clear. Previous waste, through a strong crusher can also be 100% effective use.

The gap between the gravel can be adjusted to 0.005mm unit

With a simple operation, it is possible to adjust the gravel clearance to a scale of 0.005 mm.

It is also very reassuring to determine the fine-grained setting of the product. The gravel gap can also be adjusted while the machine is running.

Can correspond to a special shot grinder

Regardless of whether we use our products or other company's products, we can use our existing crushers to produce the products we want, and we can use our experience and technology to create the most suitable crusher. Rich in variation, changing the processing capacity through different diameters of the pulverizer

Use example


Steak sauce, corn soup, sesame sauce, bean curd, soybeans, adzuki beans, white jade powder, wild vegetables, butter, mayonnaise, peanut butter, plums, various salt

● spicy ingredients

Bean paste, ginger, garlic, sauce, distiller's grains, miso, miso, medical, cosmetics, various medicinal creams, Chinese raw materials lychee

●Industrial materials

Crushing and dispersing of activated carbon, metal oxide, lithium hydroxide, polyimide, film, carbon, glass, resin, water-soluble paint, nickel oxide, lubricating oil

Machine typeCrusher sizeNumber of rotationsProcessing capacityMachine sizeWeightPower supply
XRSPM-30Ф 30cmMAX1800rpm360~500kg/Hrф 400mmH1000mm105kgAC200V 3.7/5.5KW Phase 3
XRSPM2- 20
ф 20cmMAX1800rpm50~ 700kg/Hrф 300mmH1100mm133kgAC200V 3.7KWPhase 3
XRSPM4- 25ф 25cmMAX1800rpm100~ 1000kg/Hrф 400mmH1300mm230kgAC200V 7.5/11KW Phase 3
XRSPM4-25CFф 25cmMAX3600rpm200~2000kg/Hrф 400mmH1300mm250kgAC200V 7.5/11KW Phase 3
XRSPM5-30ф 30cmMAX1800rpm200~1800kg/Hrф 400mmH1600mm290kgAC200V 11/15KW Phase 3
XRSPM6-36ф 36cmMAX1800rpm300~2500kg/Hrф 460mm H1800mm400kgAC200V 22/30KW Phase 3



★ Designed with safety and ease of operation in the first place, in line with safety standards such as CE, KCS, UL and other world standards.

★ It can run continuously for 24 hours under high temperature and high pressure environment.

★ There are three types of oil seal type, oil circulation type and oil mist type.


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