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Mineral element

There are two kinds of substances in nature: inorganic matter and organic matter, but no matter which kind of substance belongs to it, it is composed of several elements on the periodic table of elements. The atomic number on the periodic table, No. 92, is uranium (U), a radioactive element used in nuclear power plants, atomic bombs, etc. Elements prior to element 92 have been found in the earth's crust, which form a single element such as diamond, natural gold (Au), etc., or combine with each other to form various compounds, organic or inorganic. Some of the high-order elements behind the 92 element are synthetic artificial elements, all of which are radioactive.

Mineral elements, also known as inorganic salts, are important substances that make up the body's tissues. For example, calcium is the main component of bones and teeth, and is related to blood coagulation, nerve conduction, muscle expansion and heart rhythm. It is a component of enzymes in most metabolic pathways in the human body.


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