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May Day holiday notice!

Issuing time:2022-04-30 13:20

May is the warm season

May is the season of mountain flowers in full bloom

May has the most glorious festival

May Day!

Labor is an eternal hymn

Every day

We are all creating value with labor

Are lighting up a beautiful life with labor

Life needs a combination of work and rest


Everyone's May Day holiday is coming




Suzhou Xiran in the field of powder processing: dry method, wet method for grinding, dispersion mixing, classification, granulation, particle spherification, instant drying equipment services the entire powder industry. The headquarter factory is equipped with experimental machines for all equipment, which can be used for sample testing by customers. For a small number of samples in the research and development stage, customers do not need to consider the tedious matters such as purchasing experimental machines. In addition, considering the equipment budget, workshop and related enterprises that do not meet the crushing processing conditions, our company can serve our customers in the form of processing on behalf of our company. As long as you provide raw material parameters, use, capacity, target particle size and other requirements, especially for long-term continuity of the processing customers, we can design a special production line according to customer needs, to provide customers with satisfactory service and high quality material processing. We will do our best to serve every customer wholeheartedly, to achieve small particles, big world business philosophy!

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