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Product introduction | superfine grinding u.s.-chinese relations

Issuing time:2021-10-13 10:56


Equipment name: ultramicro stone disc grinding

Purpose: Used for ultrafine crushing of raw materials

Model: XRS-150 XRS-250 XRS-360

Disk diameter: ø150mm ø250mm ø360mm

Equipment introduction

Two cam-type circuit breakers will be used for double security

Easy to clean, easy to remove and easy to maintain

Novel design, easy maintenance and operation, low noise, high breakage rate

You will learn reliable performance and high security

Design to comply with CE · KCs · UL · CCC safety standards

A jacket is arranged in the crushing chamber and the upper cover

Three kinds of bearing housings will operate 24 hours a day at high temperature and pressure

You can use in the laboratory to recover 100% of even small amounts of ingredients

Dry powder and wet ingredients (plus seals)


Equipment characteristics

Cut, grind, pulverize, disperse, and deassemble all ingredients

The stone mortar mill consists of two upper and lower grinding disks

The particle size of the pulverized material is obtained by adjusting the spacing between the grinding disks

They will be crushed by strong impact, centrifugal force, and shearing force

Adjust the distance between grinding discs to 0.025mm each

You can adjust the spacing between the wheels even in operation.

Ceramic disk

氧化铝 Al2O3


氧化锆 ZrO2

碳化硅 SiC


氮化硅 Si3N4

Application field

Chemicals: LIB battery lithium hydroxide graphite nickel oxide metal oxide, etc

Medicine: herbal materials lychee ointment, etc

Food: corn soup, sesame, soybean, vegetable, salt, bean sauce, etc

Suzhou Xiran in the field of micron dry method, wet method for grinding, dispersion mixing, classification, granulation, particle spherification, instant drying equipment for the powder industry. The headquarter factory is equipped with test machines for all equipment, which can be used for customer sample testing. Research and development, research stage of a small number of samples testing customers do not need to consider the purchase of experimental machines and other tedious matters. Regarding the need for micro grinding processing, considering the equipment budget, plant workshop, operator and other lack of enterprises, we can substitute the form of processing to serve the majority of customers. Especially for long-term continuous processing customers, we design a special production line according to customer needs, to provide customers with satisfactory service. As long as the raw material parameters, use, capacity, original particle size, target particle size, we will do our best to serve customers wholeheartedly!

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